The Work Zone “Sever 4” is the largest industrial zone in the City. It is located at the northeast periphery of Novi Sad, near city districts Šangaj, Mali Beograd, Mišin Salaš and Veliki Rit at the area of 896.53 ha.

In the industrial zone “Sever 4”, the Company “Lear Corporation LTD” has opened a factory for the production of parts and additional equipment for motor vehicles, Barry Callebaut has opened a chocolate factory which will be a regional centre to supply growing market of the Southeast Europe, the Company BMTS Technology has opened a turbocharger factory for cars. The Japanese group Nidec is building a development centre and motor factory for electric vehicles. The Company Continental Automotive Serbia also operates in this zone within the hall that has been built by the developer CTP for the requirements of production facilities.

The City of Novi Sad has so far made investments in equipping the Work Zone “Sever 4” in the total amount of over RSD 4.2 billion.
In the course of 2022, the City of Novi Sad completed activities on the construction of traffic areas with accompanying infrastructure in the Work Zone “Sever 4”in Novi Sad – 1st stage in the amount of RSD 201.4 million.

The preparation of Technical Documentation for traffic areas with accompanying infrastructure for the part of the Work Zone “Sever 4” which is located north of the infrastructure corridor is underway and its worth is RSD 9 million.