In the course of 2021, the City of Novi Sad carried out works on the implementation of 1st stage of the development of the part of the city core of Novi Sad, which included the Theatre Square, Uspenska Street and the part of the passage between the Serbian National Theatre and the Shopping Centre “Apolo”. The total value of the works amounts to RSD 396.5 million.
Works have been carried out regarding hard and soft landscaping, reconstruction of complete underground installations, construction of public and decorative lighting and installation of urban furniture.
The area of the Theatre Square, as the ground area intended primarily for pedestrians, is paved with granite slabs in three discreetly toned shades. At the area facing Uspenska Street, there is an ambient unit with a shallow water mirror, a fountain, an area for sitting and planters with decorative bushes.
A special significance is given to this area by the “Memorial Plates”, which represents the memory of a former small Jewish Street, which existed here until the 1970s of the last century. The plates are made of Corten steel, 40 cm wide and about 160 m in total length and they are stretching towards Bulevar Mihajla Pupina Street in the form of an information column.

At the area between the Serbian National Theatre and the “Apolo” Centre, a plane tree has been kept as a central element around which new hard landscaping has been carried out and new urban equipment has been placed.
In the spirit of the 21st century, following the example of large European cities, the city core is supplemented with the installation of telecommunications equipment including video surveillance, sound system and digital signage. Digital signage includes a totem with an interactive map of the city, a digital board in front of the Serbian National Theatre for announcing the theatre's repertoire, a device with a LED screen for displaying the time and date on the information pole and two displays within the BUS stop.

The preparation of technical documentation for the development of the remaining part of the city core of Novi Sad with the contracted value of RSD 22.4 million is underway. The Construction Land Development Programme for 2023 has provided funds for the Development of the Part of the City Core – 2nd Stage in the amount of RSD 760.5 million.