On the basis of the Conclusion of the Government of the Republic of Serbia dated 21st May 2020, the Project for the Construction of  a Bridge - Bypass around Novi Sad with Access Traffic Routes is recognised as the project of the construction and reconstruction of the public line traffic infrastructure of special importance for the Republic of Serbia. The new bridge over the Danube will connect Bulevar Evrope Street and the State Road IIA-119 on the right bank of the Danube.

The works started in 2022. The value of the works is EUR 175.5 million.

The route of the bridge with access ramps begins by joining the Bulevar Evrope Street and then in the direction it crosses over the existing roundabout of Bulevar Evrope Street and Bulevar Patrijarha Pavla Street and the future roundabout at Heroj Pinki Street. After that, the planned route intersects with the future roundabout with 1300 Kaplara Street, crosses the defensive embankment, and then intersects with the planned roundabout at the Fishermen Island. The total length of access ramps is 1,760 m.

After the branch of the Danube, the main bridge structure that is 640 m long begins and ends on the bank of Kamenica by fitting into the new roundabout with State Road No. 119 of the order IIA and Karađorđeva Street in Sremska Kamenica.

The cross section of the main bridge structure consists of two carriageways with two traffic lanes each and pedestrian and bicycle paths on both sides.

The total length of the bridge with access ramps is 2.4 km.

The bridge will have a significant impact on improving traffic flows by connecting traffic with the Fruška Gora Corridor on the Srem side and over Bulevar Evrope Street by the E-75 Highway, which is a corridor of international importance. With its position and planned connections, the bridge will reduce congestion at the busiest traffic routes of the City of Novi Sad in the most efficient way.