The Manager of the Local Economic Development Office prof. Marijana Dukić-Mijatović, PhD, and the Acting Rector of the University of Novi Sad prof. Radovan Pejanović, PhD, handed certificates to students who had successfully finished the 2014 professional training program in the City of Novi Sad, its administrative bodies and services, public and public-utility companies, institutions and organizations founded by the City.

- We have a successful cooperation with the University and when it comes to the professional university practice, the 2015 contract intensifies the cooperation and envisages more lessons in the framework of the six-month program. We have been informed that students have recognized their benefit in this project. They will be able to enrich their CVs with the information about this practical work. They will benefit a lot from the practical knowledge, while the city administration and companies will benefit from their creativity, new thoughts and ideas, and we are recognizing success in that synergy – said prof. Marijana Dukić-Mijatović, PhD.

The University professional training program in the public and public-utility companies founded by the City of Novi Sad was initiated by the University in cooperation with the City in 2013.

- This Program is important for the quality of education, because it brings very important dimension to the practical application of the acquired knowledge. Our goal is to keep the new human capital in our country, and we expect that this practice would be meaningful for their employment in the future, because we are losing a lot with the brain drain of the young - prof. Radovan Pejanović, PhD, said.

In the six-month duration of the Program in 2013, 25 University students of the final year have had the opportunity of meeting and participating in the work of 11 public and public utility companies. Relying on the very positive experience during the first year of implementation of the Professional Practice Program, it was considered that it was necessary to expand the invaluable experience; hence, the project of the professional practice was expanded as well. Consequently, the

University of Novi Sad, in cooperation with the City of Novi Sad during 2014 enabled the practice of 35 students who gained their first experience in 16 public and public-utility companies, in 15 city administrative bodies, 2 offices, 10 institutions and 3 organizations founded by the City of Novi Sad.

Novi Sad, 20th February 2015