Mayor of Novi Sad Mr. Miloš Vučević received today representatives of Novi Sad Police Administration and Gendarmery, awarding them prizes in accordance with the 2013 City Decision. The awards are given to members of the Police Administration for their outstanding achievements

The awards were given to the Head of the Novi Sad Police Administration Mr. Siniša Radaković, Commander of the Novi Sad Gendarmery Mr. Radislav Stalević, Head of the Crime Supression Unit of the Novi Sad Police Administration Mr. Saša Barjaktarović, as well as Gendarmery officer Mr. Dejan Obrenović, who took part in the arrest of a Slovakian citizen for whom Interpol issued an arrest warrant.

- According to the City Decision from 2013, today we award four members of the Ministry for Internal Affairs for the City of Novi Sad territory. By doing so, we extend our full support both to the Head of the Police Administration Mr. Radaković, as well as to all employees of the Ministry. The City of Novi Sad will always offer its support to those who, through their dedicated work, improve our citizens’ safety. My expectation is that all officers of the Novi Sad Police Administration, as well as officers of the Novi Sad Gendarmery Unit, will continue to be even more determined and agile in their struggle for peaceful and safe Novi Sad. I am convinced they will not be alone in their mission, since it is the task we must all undertake, primarily within the area of prevention. Nevertheless, as officers whose activities are directly related to enforcement measures, they certainly require an unavoidable and constant support from the Public Prosecutor’s Office. – said Mayor Vučević and once more congratulated the laureates.

Head of the Novi Sad Police Administration Radaković emphasized that the crime rate in the past five months for the South Bačka District, the territory for which the Administration has jurisdiction, dropped 14 percent. For the same period, a significant improvement has been made in the number of solved criminal offenses.

- Within the last five months, all manslaughter and murder cases have been solved, apart from two cases on the solution of which we are currently working. Significant improvement has also been made in seizure of narcotics, the results of which state that we seized approximately 215 kg of various narcotics for the same period. – underlined Mr. Radaković.  

Awards handed by Mayor Vučević, according to the City Decision, equal 40,000 RSD for each awardee.

In Novi Sad, February 18th 2015