The City Administration for Construction Land and Investments is actively continuing with the implementation of infrastructure projects and works on the construction of the wastewater reception facility are currently underway. This will resolve one of primary problems in the settlement Rumenka, which is highly concentrated wastewaters. The main function of the wastewater treatment plant in the settlement Rumenka (2nd stage) is the reception and treatment of wastewaters for the purpose of the operation of the future sewerage system in the settlement Kisač.

The Contract with the selected contractor was concluded on 16th June 2023 and the Contractor started works on 24th July 2023. 

The value of contracted works is RSD 146,423,520.14.

The agreed deadline for the completion of the works is 360 calendar days.
The subject matter of the Contract is the construction of a pump station facility and a safety pool, as well as the provision of all necessary measurement, regulation and mechanical equipment, except for one mud pump, which is planned to be installed in the second stage.

The construction of the Wastewater Treatment Plant is exceptionally important because it will not only solve the problem of the disposal of wastewaters for the residents of Rumenka but also open possibilities for the construction a sewerage network in the neighbouring settlement Kisač after the completion of its construction. With reference to that, works on the construction of the connecting pipeline, about 5800 m long, have also been completed and wastewaters from the whole settlement of Kisač will be taken to the wastewater treatment plant in Rumenka.

By making the wastewater treatment plant functional, conditions will be provided for better, that is, environmentally better quality of life for residents in the settlement Rumenka and thereby confirm the City of Novi Sad's efforts to increase the utility standard in all suburban settlements. The construction of the wastewater treatment plant will improve utility and environmental  standards of the settlement  Rumenka.