The city center is part of the old town, which enjoys both urban and cultural heritage protection. The planning documentation requires the implementation of an urban competition.

In 2018, an Urban Architectural Competition was conducted for the preliminary design of landscaping for public use of part of the city center in Novi Sad. During the design process, award-winning works may be used as a whole or in parts.
In accordance with the said conducted urban-architectural competition and on the basis of the funds determined by the Building Land Management Program for 2018, the technical documentation for the regulation of the part of the city center is under preparation.

The project will define landscape and horticultural design, public lighting and the choice of street furniture in the city center.
The space covers 6.82 ha and is divided into 11 characteristic zones: the Theater Square, Uspenska Street, passage to semicircular square, semicircular square and passage of Miloš Hadžić, plateau in front of old cinema, part of Njegoševa Street, the Liberty Square, Modena Street, part of Ilija Ognjanović Street, Kralja Aleksandra Street and the passage along the Menrat's Palace.

The construction will be realized in phases. Phase I will include the Theater Square, the space between the Apolo Center and the Serbian National Theater, as well as part of Uspenska Street.
The existing underground infrastructure, located in Uspenska Street, near the SN, must be completely reconstructed. Additionally, new contents are being introduced into the given space (fountain, street furniture). During the execution of these works, it will be necessary to transplant several linden trees. The horticultural arrangement of the site envisages the formation of new trees and the addition of existing greenery, so that the number of trees in this area will be increased from the current 24 to 44 trees.

The building permit project is in its final stages. We are expecting the building permit soon, after which a public procurement procedure for the contractor for the reconstruction of the Theater Square will be initiated.