Renewable Solar Energy

The R-SOL-E project was implemented in partnership with the City of Belišće as a leading partner, the City of Novi Sad, i.e. the City Administration for Construction Land and Investment and Gorjani Municipality. By developing cross-border cooperation between Serbia and Croatia and improving existing communication and information channels, it promotes the use of renewable energy sources to reduce energy consumption in public buildings and infrastructure. Specific goals of the project are: reduction of energy consumption in public buildings and public lighting in Belišće, Novi Sad and Gorjani Municipality and development of sustainable energy action plans for Belišće, Novi Sad and Gorjani, and the concrete results of the project are:

- Installation of 130 kW solar power plants on public buildings in Belišće and Gorjanani that will produce more than 150,000 kWh of electricity from renewable sources.

- Installation of public lighting in Novi Sad (100 energy efficient light bulbs supplied by solar power plants) that will promote renewable energy sources and reduce the use of energy produced from fossil fuels. Energy efficient public lighting in the territory of the City of Novi Sad and suburban communities  will be installed in places where connection distance is not possible due to the distance of the distribution network.

- Development of a SEAP document (Action Plan for Sustainable Energy) in Novi Sad and the Municipality of Gorjani, which will facilitate future activities in terms of energy efficiency projects and measures

- Update of the SEAP document in Belišće according to previous experiences and activities

- Development of the public lighting cadastre in Novi Sad

- Renewable promotional activities that will include energy efficiency awareness issues

- Visibility actions: dissemination of project results, visibility activities and promotion in order to promote good neighborly relations between local communities and to emphasize EU values.


The total value of the project is EUR 1,010,153.57, with a duration of 20 months.