“Protection of enviroment in cross-border territories”

Under the Hungary-Serbia IPA Cross-Border Program, funds have been approved for the project „Protection of enviroment in cross-border territories”. The developer of the project is the Institute for the Protection of Workers of Novi Sad, and the partner is the Government Office for Csongrad Country. The project covers two similar local communities (Šangaj on the Serbian side and Algyo on the Hungarian side) which will examine the environmental impact of the oil refinery by sampling the air, water, land and urine of the residents of the two communities. Since Hungary has been using so-called „green technology" in oil refining for more than 10 years and Serbia just over three, the differences in findings will be compared and the application of cleaner technologies recommended with the exchange of experience on both sides. The total value of the project is EUR 197,711 and the value of the project related to the Institute for the Protection of Workers of Novi Sad is EUR 85,670.