On the occasion of the International Day of Social Justice Novi Sad Mayor Miloš Vučević together with the Minister of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy Aleksandar Vulin visited the Company for professional rehabilitation, training and employment of disabled persons with impaired hearing "DES" LLC Novi Sad. Companies from the group whose products and services carry the label "DES" are of special public interest and are an example of solidarity and responsibility for the most vulnerable groups in need of the help of the wider community.

- The "DES" Company has not solely preserved jobs, but it has rather increased the number of employees in the previous period, which is of great importance, especially for the employment of people with disabilities. Minister Vulin’s visit of Novi Sad on this special day, extremely important in the field of social policy, is yet another kind of support for the "DES" Company. The City of Novi Sad is trying to help the Company through the work engagement of its capacities, in order to provide as many jobs as possible, as it has multiple positive effects - not only in economic and political terms, but also in terms of the broader social aspect - the Mayor Vučević said.

Minister Vulin stressed that the Republic Serbia is titled the state of social justice in its Constitution, although today, admittedly, this is not the case, due to the decades-old practice of poorly conducted privatization, emphasizing that the struggle for such a state is currently going on.

- Working with companies such as Novi Sad’s "DES" is the best way to revive the social justice. These working people, regardless of their handicap, prove that they are an important and useful part of the community. The Ministry is here to help. Through all public procurement activities that we carry out, we are striving to work with the budget users primarily, since in this way we are achieving the social justice, while simultaneously providing opportunities for people with disabilities to demonstrate how useful members of the society they really are, which even overtops the social justice – the Minister said.
The "DES" LLC Novi Sad manager Aleksandar Bursać thanked the Minister and the Mayor for their visit and pointed out that out of 207 employees, there are up to 107 people with disabilities who are employed in all production units they are trained for, in relation to their adequate work capacity. Moreover, as it increases production, the Company’s tendency is to have more employment, while it will also launch student trainings through practice.

Novi Sad, 20th February 2015