Joint Public Transport Information System as a Unified Model - „UniTransModel“

Within the IPA Hungary-Serbia Cross-Border Program, funds have been approved for the project "UniTransModel", implemented by JGSP "Novi Sad" in cooperation with the University of Szeged. The aim of the project is to harmonize public transport information and to provide passengers with information on transport infrastructure and timetable for public transport, to enable travel planning, real-time monitoring and to provide passengers with a range of other operational options, no matter if the tourists, workers, or users of inter-city public transport services are the actual passangers. The aim is to encourage and promote the use of public transport by reducing the number of cars in traffic, which would reduce emissions and reduce the number of vehicles on the road, thereby making overall traffic safer. The project also aims to attract more tourists by providing useful and practical information about the region through the use of software applications developed within the project. The total value of the project is EUR 278,332.00, with an EU grant of EUR 120,118.60 and project duration of 16 months.