"The environmental protection and the use of renewable energy sources for the green future of children "

Under the Hungary-Serbia IPA Cross-Border Program, funding has been approved for the project "Environmental protection and utilization of renewable energy sources for green futures for children". The developer of the project is the Energy Agency of the City of Novi Sad, and the partner is the Municipality of Algyo. The project is of an educational type and relates to renewable energy and energy efficiency. The project was implemented with the aim of encouraging children to use energy efficiently and to influence the legal framework in the field of energy and environmental protection. The project has developed a new way of thinking about energy resources, the consequences of the unconscious and the benefits of energy efficient energy use. The most important effects of energy efficiency are savings in money. The total value of the project is: EUR 134,245.48, of which EUR 102,745.48 relates to the Energy Agency of the City of Novi Sad.