Vojvodinian Academy of Sciences and Arts

The Vojvodinian Academy of Arts and Sciences, which has regional scope, and ambitions to spread it across central Europe, is adapting to the value system of the area and to the environment where it operates, with the purpose of preserving the original values of the region, of the nations and their cultures and traditions, to the extent of their accordance with humanism in the sense of skepticism in thinking and tolerance in behavior. Vojvodina possesses specific qualities, which are longing to be scientifically described and explained, and artistically expressed, but at the same time it is an area corresponding with other heterogeneous European and world regions. Therefore, the achievements of the Vojvodinian Academy of Arts and Sciences form the bridges that connect Vojvodina and Serbia with the world.

The Vojvodinian Academy of Arts and Sciences has three full members, 14 associate members and one honorary member. The presidency consists of academician Endre Pap (President), professor Branimir Gudurić, PhD (Secretary General) and presidency members: academician Rudolf Kastori, academician Julijan Tamaš and professor Miloš Tešić, PhD. Associate member, professor Milorad Miloradov, PhD, is the secretary of the Department of Natural and Technical Sciences and the secretary of the Department of Humanities and Arts is associate professor József Szalma.
Contact: administrative service
Telephone/fax: 472 51 16