Cultural Center of Novi Sad

Cultural Center of Novi Sad, formerly known as 'Youth Forum', has thrived from a fifty-year long tradition activism and is among the most eminent and important cultural institutions of interdisciplinary and multimedia character in Novi Sad and Vojvodina.
Our field of work falls into several different categories: promotion and development of film, theater, visual arts, literature, humanities and social studies; organization of various interdisciplinary and multimedia events, projects, happenings and manifestations. Besides, we publish our literature and theory magazine 'Polja'. We also organize four prestigious international festivals - 'Proza Fest' (a literature and prose festival held in April), 'INFANT' (an alternative and new theater held in June), 'Novi Sad Film Festival' (held in November) and 'Euro-In' (a European and independent film festival held in December)

Our program activities are realized through four main redactions:

Redaction of the Film Program

Creating and developing a film repertoire, Redaction of the Film Program pays a very special attention both to presenting and promoting authors with a highly articulated aesthetic and individualistic creativeness (art film), and to numerous film festivals (Italian Film Days, Cinemania, Documentary and Short Film Festival, Art Film Festival, Ecological Film Festival, etc.). We also pay special attention to growth and popularization of film and cinema culture by organizing film forums and non-commercial ART Cinema programs.
Euro-In is an authentic film manifestation of an open form, which represents contemporary European and independent international film. This festival has no genre-, theme- or art form- constraints or requirements, which proves to be immensely popular both with artists and with fans.

Redaction of the Music Program

Encourages music creativity with younger music authors (composers, instrumentalists, orchestras), and with most popular international and domestic jazz, classical and blues authors. Programs organized by this redaction are mostly non-commercial. Novi Sad Jazz Festival is very well known for its eminent guests (main concert programs, workshops, exhibitions, videos, information) and highly professional realization. It is already a well-established port of call not only for most renowned international jazz musicians, but for many international visitors as well.

Redaction of the Scene Program

Scene Program Redaction is primarily engaged with new and alternative theater. It pays special attention to production of plays and their promotion in Serbia. The Redaction cooperates with numerous other contemporary theater experts jointly organizing workshops, seminars, and welcomes renowned theater figures. INFANT - International Alternative and New Theater Festival - has become an important meeting point for all those who perceive theater as a means to create and express themselves in a completely novel manner. INFANT is the only such festival in the country, and it is highly regarded both domestically and abroad. International critics and artist acknowledge its value and give a lot of praise for what it stands for. Scene Program Redaction is also non-commercial.

Art and culture magazine 'Polja'

The main activity of the Redaction is the magazine. The Redaction is highly praised by the readership, critics, and authors for its interesting and extraordinary work. Many new publications, editions, topics and choice of authors have also called attention of the public, who consider 'Polja' one of the best domestic literary magazines.

Redaction of the Talk Program

The focus of the Talk Program is to present contemporary tendencies and latest literary trends to the readership. This is done through various forums, workshops and presentations. The Talk Program also gives opportunity to young and unpublished authors. All activities, although of high aesthetic and artistic value, are entirely non-commercial.

Redaction of the Plastic art Program

The Redaction promotes authors of to the so-called 'middle' generation. It also encourages novel approaches to visual arts and creativity. The redaction has at its disposal several galleries, which annually host hundreds of entirely non-commercial exhibitions. The Redaction also organizes the biggest city exhibition - Novosadski salon.

Cultural Center of Novi Sad organizes numerous other exhibitions and programs together with other prominent city institutions and cultural organizations.