The Novi Sad tamburitza ensemble ‘Zorule’ was founded in 1995, with the goal of preserving the wealth of Vojvodina tamburitza tradition, as well as to gather musicians dedicated to this kind of art and the pleasure it brings. This year, the ensemble celebrates its 20th anniversary, and a press conference was held on that occasion at the Novi Sad City Hall to announce the program to celebrate this anniversary. The conference was also attended by the Member of City Council in Charge for Culture Mr. Vanja Vučenović.
- I am very pleased that one such renown ensemble exists in our City for 20 years, and that it cherishes and preserves the regional instrumental and music tamburitza heritage. City of Novi Sad, through its various programs and events, endorses the affirmation of tamburitza and this manner of creativity. We certainly recognize the importance of the Ensemble ‘Zorule’ as well, being one of the most prominent performing groups. I would like to extend my most sincere gratitude, as well as to thank them for their participations in numerous events we organized, but also for representing our culture, city and our country, both at home and abroad – stated Mr. Vučenović.
Central event of the jubilee celebration is the ‘Zorule Ensemble 20 years with you’ concert taking place on Friday, November 27th, starting at 7 PM, at the Jovan Đorđević Scene of the Serbian National Theater. Apart from the carefully selected repertoire, the audience will also be presented a documentary film about Zorule. On the same day, an exhibition by the senior curator of the Novi Sad City Museum Ms. Dušanka Marković will be opened from 6 PM. The exhibition represents the retrospective of their 20-year work, and it will be on display until November 29th from 10 AM to 6 PM. Due to high demand, ‘Zorule’ will have one more concert on December 01st, at 8 PM, at the ‘M’ Studio. The Concert Master of the Ensemble, Mr. Zoran Bugarski Brica, underlined that the entrance is free and invited people to come and enjoy the music. 
- We have had a great time within the last 20 years. We started as kids, and matured into a serious ensemble, and this is the opportunity to present our gratitude to all those who used to be our members, who supported us, to our friends, and to institutions. We are very pleased we will have guests from the entire country, as well as from Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovenia – added Mr. Bugarski.
According to another member of the ensemble Mr. Trenkić, the repertoire will represent a retrospect of all the genres this group ever played, from popular transcriptions of classical pieces, to folk, popular and film music.
In Novi Sad, November 25th 2015