Member of the City Council in charge for Youth and Sports Mr. Prеdrаg Svilаr and Head of the Mayor’s Office Mr. Аlеksаndаr Pеtrоvić received today at the City Hall young handball players from Dortmund, who visited Novi Sad within the two twin-cities sports cooperation and exchange program. The young athletes are guests of the ‘Јugоvić’ Handball Club.
- The City of Novi Sad boasts excellent cooperation with its twin cities. We are very proud of our sport cooperation with the City of Dortmund, one of the most significant aspects of this cooperation being visits during which young athletes have the opportunity to make new friends and learn about our country, our city and its inhabitants in the best possible manner – said Mr. Svilаr.
Head of the Mayor’s Office Mr. Аlеksаndаr Pеtrоvić  pointed out that Novi Sad and Dortmund have been connected with true mutual friendship and understanding for the last 33 years, while the most thriving cooperation has always been in the area of humanitarian activities, sports and culture. He also underlined the accomplishments of athletes from Novi Sad at the Dortmund Sports Games, and wished all the guests a pleasant stay in Novi Sad, but also to visit our city again.
Athletes of the ‘Oespel-Kley’ Handball Club from Dortmund are staying in Novi Sad from October 09th to 12th, and are competing at the ‘Novi Sad the City of Friendship’ Handball Tournament, along with the ‘Slоgа’ from Hrtkоvci, ‘Vојvоdinа’ from Nоvi Sаd, ‘ŽSK’ from Žаbаlј, ‘Јugоvić’ from Kаć and ‘Lаvоvi’ from Bаčka Pаlаnka. Apart from the sports activities, handball players from Dortmund will have the opportunity to visit the Petrovaradin Fortress, as well as some of the Novi Sad cultural institutions. Their Novi Sad peers will return the visit in December, when Dortmund is hosting the International ‘Do Cup’.

In Nоvi Sаd, October 12th 2015