Mayor Miloš Vučević received the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany H. Е. Thomas Schieb who is visiting Novi Sad to mark the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Namely, celebrating the anniversary, the German Embassy together with “Svilara” Cultural Station prepared an exhibition "It was all different before", featuring photographs by two German artists, Harald Hauswald and Morris Weiss, who captured scenes from everyday life in the East Germany in the 1980s including the moments of the fall of Berlin wall on November 9th, 1989.
Mayor Vučević thanked the Ambassador for his visit and expressed his satisfaction at the joint commemoration of such an important historic date and the cultural cooperation that accompanies it. He stressed that the task of the European Capital of Culture is to promote international cooperation and the highest human and social values, while animating the general public.

They assessed the message of Berlin Wall demolition to be universal and indicated the danger of extreme ideologies and one-sidedness. The interlocutors also referred to the positive and active relations of the twin cities of Novi Sad and Dortmund, and concluded that there was a favorable climate for improving the economic relations, and that Novi Sad is becoming an increasingly attractive investment destination for foreign companies, which has been recognized by the German economy.

Novi Sad, 7th November 2019