The official opening of the newly constructed "Novi Sad" Health Center in the Vidovdansko local community, located at Aleksandra Nevskog Street No. 9, has been attended by Novi Sad's Mayor, Milan Đurić.

- This area was once home to a typical meadow, but the people who live in this part of the city now have a brand-new, state-of-the-art Health Center constructed onsite. It is completely furnished and prepared to take in the first patients from Slana Bara and Klisa, the Vidovdansko community. This investment is worth 317 million RSD in total, and the money for it is entirely covered by the City Budget. Of the total amount, 207 million RSD were invested in the construction of the facility, and the rest for the construction of access roads and equipment. Regarding investment in the infrastructure around the Health Center, a new 86-meter-long road was built between Aleksandra Nevskog and Emanuila Jankovića streets, with pedestrian paths, 40 new parking spaces, bicycle parking spaces and new public lighting. The entrance to the building is possible via stairs, but also ramps for people with disabilities - said Mayor Milan Đurić and added that since 2012, the City has invested one billion and 300 million RSD in the Vidovdansko community and continues to invest in that local community, which is developing rapidly.

The director of the "Novi Sad" Health Center, Veselin Bojat, said that the facility is the City's thirty-first Health Center, spread across two stories, with 62 rooms and 1,045 square meters of total space.

- The new Health Center has general medical, pediatrics for school-age and preschool-aged children, obstetrics, dentistry, lab, and polyvalent patronage services. It is situated across the street from the Najlon market. It will employ 25 healthcare professionals, including 11 physicians, 14 nurses, and technicians – said Bojat, stressing that about 25,000 health care users gravitate towards this health institution.

Novi Sad, 13th February 2024