Member of the City Council in Charge for Social Care and Family and Children Protection Professor Nikola Ćirović and Head of the Mayor’s Office Mr. Aleksandar Petrović participated in the “A Tree of Life – A Symbol of New Life” event, whereby they planted a tree near the Serbian National Theater, expressing their gratitude to all the donor families.

- Today, together with the members of the Vojvodina Transplantation Association and Medical School Students, we plant a tree of life, in order to show our support to the “Pan Transplant“, as well to all the families who showed their selflessness and saved numerous human lives. What we have to emphasize here is that when it comes to organ transplantation and donating, we need to raise awareness. We all have to work on that, so that people would know more about these issues, so they could save others. We also need to appeal to them and increase the number of donors. – said Member of the City Council in Charge for Social Care and Family and Children Protection Professor Nikola Ćirović, PhD.

On behalf of the Association, Jelica Alargić, MD, PhD, said that it is important that the City recognizes the importance of one such activity such as planting a tree as a memory of all the families.

- This activity started five years ago and this is the third tree we planted in Novi Sad. In this way, the families are representing our heroes, since they saved numerous human lives, and they shall never be forgotten. Transplantation is a branch of medicine requiring active participation of all citizens, and we hereby would like to thank those who participated so far for their humanness. – said Jelica Alargić, MD, PhD.

According to Mr. Petrovića, this activity is taking place in more than hundred countries, in which local representatives with their associates, healthcare workers and transplanted patients take part and remember and thank the families of donors.

- Since an ever increasing number of patients is waiting to be submitted to such operations, especially among children, it is necessary to include the entire society, in order to offer the opportunity to those whose only salvation is the operation. – said Mr. Petrović.

In Novi Sad, November 20th 2015