Deputy Mayor of the City of Novi Sad Mr. Borko Ilić and Member of the City Council in charge for Youth and Sports Mr. Predrag Svilar visited the sixth and eighth grade pupils of the “Jovan Dučić” Primary School in Petrovaradin. For the occasion, they provided a donation of over twenty professional basket- and volleyballs for the school, which are to be used for the physical education classes.

- I am very pleased to be at the very gym in which I spent a lot of time as a student. Sport is our country’s most serious brand, it is our country’s and our city’s pride, and my wish is to extend my gratitude to the City Administration for Sports and Youth, to the “Vojvodina” Volleyball Club, to the City Handball Association, as well as to the Novi Sad Basketball Association, for their help and for giving the opportunity to these students to train with balls that are used at top professional level. – stated Mr. Ilić and added that the City continues to invest into the Syrmian side of the City. This school, as well as its building in the Malinova Street, have been recently renovated, and Petrovaradin will soon get its sports hall, which I believe will be good news for the local population.

On behalf of the students, the Deputy Mayor was greeted and thanked by the member of the School Board Dejan Gojković.
- I am very pleased that the City representatives understood our needs and that they met our requests at such a short notice. This donation will mean a lot to us and it will facilitate our work with children and encourage them to take up sports as much as possible. – pointed out Dejan Gojković.

In Novi Sad, November 18th 2015