Seventh-day Adventist Church

During the interbellum period, the Adventist place of worship used to stand in a one-storey apartment building at 13 Petar Zrinjski St. The building has been adapted on several occasions to serve the purpose of a house of prayer. It has been connected to the building next to it. Today it is the Petar Drapšin St. This complex was closed in 1991 in order for a completely new three-storey building to be built in 1993 by an architect from Sarajevo Živorad Janković, PhD. Another Adventist church is in a one-storey apartment building, at 6 Avgust Cesarec St. Sermon is mainly delivered in Hungarian. Another adapted apartment building, in 28 Temerinska St, now serves as a house of prayer where the mass is conducted in Serbian. In Novi Sad greater area there are also Adventist churches in Kać, Čerević and Begeč.