Head of the Mayor’s Office Mr. Aleksandar Petrović received today a delegation from the “Selnice On Drava” Primary School from Slovenia. The delegation was headed by the Mayor of Selnice Mr. Jurij Lep, and the School Principal Ms. Jožica Ozmec, who returned the visit to the “Dositej Obradović” Primary School from Novi Sad.

- City of Novi Sad supported the initiative related to one Novi Sad and one Slovenian school cooperation. This cooperation became official following the signing of the Cooperation Protocol. It serves as a good example also to other schools when it comes to successful cooperation in the area of education through experience exchange and mutual visits of teachers and pupils. – said Mr. Petrović.

Mayor of Selnice Mr. Jurij Lep extended his gratitude to the hosts and a warm reception, as well as for the opportunity to visit Novi Sad and to continue this mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation.

According to the Principal Ozmec, the cooperation will continue in the academic year as well.

– Last year we visited Novi Sad, and we await our guests from Novi Sad as early as February 2016. We are happy to host them and organize various school and extracurricular activities, such as music and art contest, but also sport activities, too – added the “Selnice On Drava” Primary School Principal.

In Novi Sad, November 19th 2015