Mayor of Novi Sad Mr. Miloš Vučević attended the celebration of the Miroslav Antić Primary School’s 30th anniversary in Futog. The school was built from the local community’s own contribution funds, and it opened its doors on October 14th 1985. The school has a thousand pupils in all eight grades, divided into 37 classes and two daily shifts. The school has ten classrooms for general, and fourteen specialized classrooms for subject courses. The well-known poet Miroslav Antić was born on March 14th 1932, and it is precisely his birthday chosen to be the School Day.

- I sincerely hope that the Miroslav Antić Primary School will continue to provide education and teaching for our youngest ones at the highest possible level. Residents of Futog, but also from all over the City, can be proud of this school’s achievements for the last thirty years. I wholeheartedly wish them numerous anniversaries and jubilees, but most importantly, I wish them classrooms full of children. Among most important things is that schools expand their capacities, that the number of pupils constantly increases, and it is up to the teachers to provide education and teaching for our youngest ones at the highest possible level. – said Mayor Vučević and wished all the students and the staff a happy anniversary and School Day.

As part of the celebration’s program marking thirty years of the school, dedicated to the memory of the legendary author and poet whose name the school proudly bears, the students recited some of his verses. The City of Novi Sad, honoring the memory of the great poet Miroslav Antić, established Antić Days Manifestation, as a cultural event of special significance. This year’s manifestation, eighth in a row, takes place until tomorrow, when the City officials will lay their wreaths on the poet’s grave.

In Novi Sad, March 13th 2015