The City of Novi Sad, in cooperation with the Novi Sad Public Transportation Company and DunavNet company, within the consortium comprising of 15 members from three European countries, is implementing the MobiWallet project which is aimed at creating a system based on modern information technologies and GPS devices, in order to enable the citizens to pay their bus fare through an application in their mobile phones, as well as give them insight into the movement of buses, ecological information in certain parts of the city, access to tourist information and the number of available bicycles at Rent-a-bike stops.

The testing phase in isolated conditions has been completed and now we are inviting citizens who have smartphones and who use bus line No.2 to join the testing processes in real conditions.

The citizens who volunteer in testing of this new potential service will give their comments and suggestions and thus ensure that the applied technological solutions are checked and are in compliance with the actual needs of citizens. All those who want to contribute to the process of creation of this modern service can apply by following the link below, downloading the app and starting the testing at the bus line No.2, which has been chosen for the pilot implementation.

The applications will incorporate the system for data protection and use privacy both on the software and hardware levels, in accordance with national and European legislation. Besides Novi Sad, participants in the MobiWallet project include Santander (Spain), Tuscany region (Italy) and West Midlands (Great Britain).

title of this European Union project funded by the FP7 program is "Mobility and Transport Digital Wallet". For more information, please visit:

Novi Sad, 18th September 2015