Mayor of the City of Novi Sad Mr. Мilоš Vučеvić attended the celebration held today on the occasion of the Day of the Novi Sad Public Transportation Company, extending his special gratitude to the employees for their dedication and service in providing highest standards for all the people of Novi Sad.
- We have been cooperating for three years now, facing numerous challenges, some of them nice, some of them not so nice, but most importantly, we have achieved progress, especially within this year. Today, the Company is much more stable, and the business process is organized in a way our citizens expect it. I am fully convinced that we boast the best and most efficient public transport in the country. I am glad that we have purchased 16 new busses, that special attention is paid to our passengers’ safety, and that we are introducing security cameras for the first time. My expectation is that the Company will be as operational as possible, I expect adjustment of prices in the suburban traffic, as the purchase of new articulated busses. The City is ready to address the issue of ticket prices next year even more seriously for the special category of users. Before us, free tickets were issued lightly, which is why we are now the ones who received the bill for it, but the City will surely stand by its Company and assist it in this matter – pointed out Mayor Vučеvić.
According to the Head of the City Administration for Roads and Traffic Ms. Viktоriјa Pаunоvić, apart from its primary operations the Company is also involved in investments and is using its own resources. As she pointed out, the Company refurbished three bus coachworks from its own funds, and till the end of the year two more are on the way. They also managed to increase the vehicle technical validity coefficient for five percent, which significantly contributes better safety.
Member of the City Council Mr. Nеmаnjа Vukčеvić extended his wishes to all employees of the Company to keep up the good work they have been known for so far.
- I am particularly impressed with the Company’s business philosophy, for they rely on their own capacities, which are rather impressive both in technical and human-resource sense – said Mr. Vukčеvić.
General Manager of the Novi Sad Public Transportation Company Mr. Мilаn Stаnivukоvić marked that the results achieved so far are the best indicators of consistency when it comes to defined objectives. He also marked that the Company Management kept its promises and that in the short period a lot has been done in order to improve passengers’ safety and to provide better services, all this by maintaining the same prices.

In Nоvi Sаd, September 30th 2015