Mayor of the City of Novi Sad Mr. Miloš Vučević signed contracts awarding construction material aid to the internally displaced and refugees residing on the City of Novi Sad territory, with the purpose of improving their living conditions.  In total 17 contracts were signed today, for which the City Budget allocated 5 500 000 RSD.
- A rather complex procedure of providing aid for the refugees has been successfully realized in Novi Sad, and has been done so with a lot of help from the Republic of Serbia Migration and Refugee Commission, as well as of the City Administration for Social and children’s Welfare Protection. Refugees living in Novi Sad have been through most turbulent times and situations, and I truly hope they feel good in Novi Sad. Following the unfortunate events which led to migrations to our city, Novi Sad has shown its big heart, and today also it receives people with open arms. It is a city belonging to all citizens, no matter whether they were born here or moved here at some point in their lives. Construction material will probably ease the finalization works for many of their homes, and we will at the same time, just as we have done so far, continue to be dedicated to solving infrastructural problems in suburban settlements, since our aim is to have the same living conditions throughout the entire city territory. - said Mr. Vučević and wished all the beneficiaries to complete their homes as soon as they can and provide thereby significantly improved living conditions for themselves.
City of Novi Sad signed the contract with the Republic of Serbia Migration and Refugee Commission regarding cooperation to realize the Program of fund usage and solving of housing needs and other integration needs of refugees. Pursuant to this contract, the City announced a Public Call through its Commission for selecting aid beneficiaries for improvement of living conditions of refugees. This procedure consists of selection of beneficiaries who found refuge in Novi Sad, whose families will be awarded construction material. Following the completion of the procedure, the total of 17 beneficiaries who fulfilled all the publicly announced criteria and conditions were chosen, and they were awarded the construction material to improve their living conditions.

In Novi Sad, August 27th 2015