Mayor of the City of Novi Sad Mr. Miloš Vučević attended the reception of the first-class pupils at the “Đura Jakšić” Primary School in Kać. The Mayor wished all the students a very successful start, to be good students and a lot of new friends.
- I visited two receptions for the new first-class pupils, and my wish was also to visit one suburban school, since all parts of Novi Sad are of equal importance. I am particularly pleased to see that the number of students in this school is not decreasing, which is a rare thing to see these days for suburban settlements, and one should be only proud of this. I wish the first-class pupils to go to school with smile on their faces, and also to return home bearing it, to enjoy learning new things and also to make new friends. – pointed out Mayor Vučević and wished all the pupils in Novi Sad a happy academic year.
The Kać primary school was founded in 1763, and at the time it had 9 pupils and the teacher Ilija Petrović, who worked here for more than 20 years. In 1900, the school had 391 pupils and 6 teachers. Today, the school which bears the name of our famous poet, painter and a bohemian Đura Jakšić, has 1042 pupils, 40 classes, 87 employees, among them 63 professors and teachers. According to the headmaster a.i. Ms. Verca Letić, the school will become richer for 129 new pupils, in 5 classes. 
School year in Serbia begins on September 1st, and in Vojvodina the first term ends on December 23rd.

In Nоvi Sаd, August 31st 2015