In compliance with the Agreement on Joint Investments and Implementation of Investment Projects and Curren Maintenance Projects signed between the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina No. 016-19/2021 on 24th December 2021 and the City of Novi Sad No. 021-7/2021-2289-II on 24th December 2021, the activities on the implementation of the joint strategic investment project, the Construction of a Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge and Refurbishment of Facilities of the Petrovaradin Fortress with the Lower Town (Podgrađe), have started and include the following:

- Construction of the bridge on the existing pillars of the old bridge
- Construction of access ramps to the bridge and landscaping at the Novi Sad side along Bulevar Cara Lazar Street from the intersection with Stevan Musić Street together with the intersection with Radnička Street
- Reconstruction of Kamenički Put Street at the foot of the Petrovaradin Fortress and construction of access ramps to the bridge with landscaping of the rampart along Kamenički Put Street
- Rehabilitation and development of the former railway tunnel with the construction of a new tunnel branch and tunnel shaft for elevators and staircases
- Exit to the Fortress and landscaping of parking zone at the site of the former watch tower
- Reconstruction of the traffic route and tunnel access in the zone of “Lovoturs” and installation a prefabricated toilet

The bridge has a total width of 12 metres, while the axial structural span of the bridge is 412 m.
By the construction of the new bridge, a new continuous pedestrian and bicycle path will be outlined. The access to the bridge from all directions in the immediate surroundings will be solved by traffic loops, which will enable comfortable movement of users.

On 29th March 2022, the Contract was concluded for the preparation of Technical Documentation for the Construction of the Bridge with Access Traffic Areas on the Existing Pillars of the Former “Franz Joseph” Bridge and the Reconstruction of the Existing Tunnel with Lifts to the Upper Plateau of the Petrovardin Fortress in the amount of RSD 51.8 million.

The Project includes the preparation of the Preliminary Design with the Feasibility Study, Conceptual Design, Hydrological Study, Environmental Impact Assessment (if prescribed by competent authorities), Geotechnical Construction Conditions and Fire Protection Design.

The preparation of the Preliminary Design is underway.

After the completion of the preparation of the Technical Documentation, it will be possible to negotiate the preparation of the remaining part of Technical Documentation (design for the building permit and detailed design) and the construction of the bridge.

The estimated investment value of works is RSD 3,994,410,150.00 (with VAT).

Note: The investment value is calculated on the basis of the Conceptual Design although it is possible to have significant deviations after the preparation of the Preliminary Design (10-20%).