Member of the City Council in Charge for Sports and Youth Mr. Predrag Svilar attended ceremony dedicated to awarding the annual recognitions to school with best results accomplished at sports competitions, from municipal to state level in the academic 2014-2015.
- It is always an immense pleasure to award recognitions to students who accomplished outstanding results, since in this way we show their work is appreciated and in this way we encourage them to continue with their effort. I particularly extend my gratitude to PE teachers, who achieve great results in their work with children, but more importantly, they teach children the true values and healthy lifestyles. – stated Mr. Svilar and added that the City recognizes the importance of school sport and allocates significant sums for that purpose. This year we hosted important competitions in this area, such as Young Olympics and Final Athletics Championship, and we will give our best to make it that way in future as well.
Last year, some 6,000 primary and secondary students participated in school competitions organized by the School Sports and Olympic Education Association of Novi Sad. They competed in table tennis, swimming, handball, basketball, sports gymnastics, futsal, shooting sport, cross country, as well as other Olympic disciplines, judo, karate, and tennis. From Novi Sad, 293 students participated in the State competitions and won 85 medals (24 gold, 31 silver, and 30 bronze).
The award ceremony is organized by the City Association for School Sports, which processes all the results of 37 primary and 20 secondary schools, ranking them individually and in groups, at municipal, district, inter-district, as well as state levels, which all brings certain number of points.
According to these criteria, the most successful primary school in 2015 was the "Jožef Atila" Primary School, second was "Miloš Crnjanski", and third "Đura Jakšić". Among secondary schools, first prize went to "Jovan Jovanović Zmaj" Grammar School, second to "Svetozar Miletić" High School, and third was the “Svetozar Marković“ Grammar School.
In Novi Sad, November 20th 2015