Mobility and Transport Digital Wallet - MobiWallet

The City of Novi Sad is one of the partners in the MobiWallet project  „Mobility and Transport Digital Wallet" approved under the CIP program of the European Union. With the implementation of this project, a pilot project was implemented through the development of a mobile phone application, which provides the user with all information on local public transport. It is divided into three segments:
• City bus - in the form of a pilot, a bus monitoring system was developed on bus line number 2, where positioning of a mobile device in a certain field within the stop point of this line enables the user to see the movement of the bus (view via digital map) and to obtain information on: time of arrival of the bus at the station, ecological parameters (air pollution, temperature, humidity) on the parts of the city in the route of bus of line number 2. During the implementation of the project, during the testing phase, the payment of the ticket via mobile phone was enabled.
• Taxi transportation - a pilot project has been established with the Maski Novosadjanin Taxi Association, which enables users of the application to pay the cost of the said service via a mobile phone without giving cash. In this way, the efficiency of this public transport is encouraged (drivers do not have to exchange large amounts of money in the surrounding shops for their customers, but the transaction is done without cash money).
• Parking - an application related to the payment of a parking service that was previously developed into the PUC Parking Service has been integrated into the MobiWallet application, with the aim of creating a unified payment service for public transport services.
The MobiWallet project has been successfully implemented (very well rated by the European Commission), and the results of the surveys and the conclusions of the meetings held with experts and users of the application have been positively evaluated. Further steps are defined to allow further upgrading of the said system.


The total value of the donation for the City of Novi Sad is EUR 24,600.00 and EUR 12,300.00 for JGSP Novi Sad, and the project duration is 30 months.