The Memorandum of Understanding on the implementation of the bridge project with access traffic areas on the existing pillars of the former Franz Josef Bridge in Novi Sad was signed by Zhuang Yong, a representative of China Shandong International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group Ltd. and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure in the Government of the Republic of Serbia Goran Vesić, in the presence of the Mayor of Novi Sad Milan Đurić.

- In 2022, a contract was signed with a design house for the conceptual project up to the level of design, valued at approximately 52 million RSD. The previous Mayor, my friend Minister Miloš Vučević, initiated this significant project for our city -  Mayor said and further stated that Novi Sad will not only get a bridge, but also an attraction at the base of the Petrovaradin fortress and an excellent connection with the international cycling corridor Euro Velo 6.

- I am convinced that this will represent one of our city's biggest tourist potential - Mayor Đurić stated.

The project to build a new pedestrian-bicycle bridge will involve renovating and reorganizing the old railway tunnel, adding a new branch where a panoramic elevator will allow access to the Fortress, and connecting the Bačka and Srem sides of the City with the construction of this bridge in addition to another bridge within the Fruška gora Corridor and another bridge in the Boulevard of Europe extension. This project is estimated to be worth 40 million euros based on the conceptual project that was developed. The project was completed with the assistance of the Ministry of Construction, Transport, and Infrastructure. The City and AP Vojvodina will fund the bridge, in the amount of 50% each in the coming years, bearing in mind that it is a multi-year capital project.

Minister Vesić underlined that Novi Sad is living in a historic moment and that the City has never seen so many bridges constructed at once.

- Novi Sad, which is currently only connected to one highway, will soon be connected to the Zrenjanin and Fruška gora Corridor, two more highways. Novi Sad's residents will soon be able to commute by high-speed train to Subotica, Budapest, Niš, and Skopje. The City now has a high-speed railway that connects it to Belgrade. This is evidence that Novi Sad is turning into an appealing place to live - Minister Vesić added.

The Shandong spokesperson emphasized that the business will approach the building of the pedestrian-cycling bridge in Novi Sad, as well as all prior projects, with professionalism, seriousness, and responsibility.

Novi Sad, 25th November 2023