The acting director of the Public Enterprise for the City Development and Construction Novi Sad, Goran Višnjic, in the presence of Olivera Simović, head of the Local Economic Development Office and the investors, held another meeting on the Enterprise’s premises on the implementation of the Decision on amendments to the criteria for determining the amount of compensation for the land development adopted at the last session of the City Assembly of Novi Sad.

After nearly one month has passed, the investors have once again accepted the invitation of the related Public Enterprise’s director to attend a meeting, and that in great number, aimed at joint efforts and mutual assistance in reviving the almost extinct residential buildings construction in our city. The meeting also highlighted the great pleasure of the present investors that on the Public Enterprise for the City Development and Construction’s initiative the City Assembly adopted the decision amending the Measures, thus demonstrating that the City, the Public Enterprise in question and the investors are on the same page when trying to jointly revive the residential buildings construction and that through an entirely new practice of problem solving in this area. The negative effects of the economic crisis that has been lasting over the past several years require the principles of mutual aid and mutual respect in joint efforts to provide concrete actions when enabling the revival of residential buildings construction in Novi Sad.

The newly adopted Decision amending the criteria for determining the amount of compensation for the land development contains the proposals that the investors had been suggesting at the last meeting, concerning the change in the payment method, reducing the value of points, the point valuation with the euro and the possibility of reduction of outstanding debts in the range of 20% to 50% (with the consent of the City Council, provided that the investor concludes an annex to the contract until 1st July this year and pays the debt by the end of 2013).
The deadline for applying for the debt relief is very short, and around 15 investors have already took the advantage of this right and filed claims which, otherwise, may be downloaded at www. zigns. rs. The large number of the investors present at the meeting demonstrates an evidence that they are extremely pleased with the new practices of communication with the director of the related Public Enterprise and his associates, on the one hand, and on the other hand it reflects the extremely difficult situation in the area of residential buildings construction, which requires the application of emergency measures in other public companies and city administrations as well, in order to create the conditions for faster, cheaper and more efficient residential buildings construction.

This is the first indication and represents only the beginning of solving the problems in this area because the situation has become very difficult and it required a quick and straight answer from the related Public Enterprise and the City on the long road to the recovery and revival of residential buildings construction.

10th June 2013