Head of the Mayor’s Office Mr. Aleksandar Petrović held a meeting with the associations of the people with disabilities, where their representatives presented the problems they face in their everyday activities. The meeting was attended by the representatives of the ‘Sun’ Citizens’ Association for Cerebral Paralysis and Polio, of the Novi Sad Region Paraplegic and Quadriplegic Assoviation, of the Vojvodina Disabled Workers’ Association, of the Novi Sad Disabled Workers’ Association, as well as the South Bačka District Multiple Sclerosis Association ‘Multis’.

Representatives of the associations presented their problems, which primarily pertain to the lack of funds for their year to year functioning, as well as for transportation of disabled persons and for personal assistance.

According to Mr. Petrović, the 2016 Competition for Selection of Programs in the Area of Social Protection will be finalized as early as January, so the dynamics of fund disbursement could be more efficient and priorities for representative associations fully observed. All this is done so the continuity of their activities and functioning is achieved.

During the meeting, there were also proposals for closer defining of competition terms, which would take into consideration parameters such as foundation date, their previous experience in project realization, membership number, as well the scope of activities.

In Novi Sad, November 17th 2015