Medical Home Care

The City of Novi Sad, in partnership with Ölelő Kéz Ápolási és Hospice Alapitvény from Kecskemét, Hungary, has implemented the Medical Home Care project within the Hungary-Serbia Cross-border Cooperation Program 2007-2013.

Medical home care is a form of nursing care in the home by professional staff and other nursing staff.

The importance of home care is increasingly recognized in developed societies and encompasses several aspects such as raising the general level of health culture of the population, a more humane environment for patients who are able to stay in their homes with their family members, freeing up places in hospitals for patients who are in need of (less expensive) hospital care, whereas home care is also more afordable.

The main objective of the project is to point out the benefits of home treatment and care systems to increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of hospital treatment by:
• a survey that will look at the current situation and propose measures to improve home treatment and care,
• education of health workers from Novi Sad in Kecskemét,
• exchange of experience in this field,
• realization of the pilot project and
• defining a policy document.