Mayor Miloš Vučević visited the new facility A which will operate within the shopping mall "BIG CEE" Novi Sad, the largest shopping center in Novi Sad and Vojvodina.

- By today's visit we give a kind of support to the “BIG CEE” Company, which proved to be a serious investor, which has retained in our city and implemented an investment for the agreed period. I got the conviction that the new facility will be opened in October, and that it will work at full capacity, as there is a great interest of clients to rent the space in the shopping mall. For us, it is a very important arrival of investors, boosting the overall investment frame and creating new jobs in Novi Sad - said mayor Miloš Vučević and expressed the hope that this example will be followed by other investors.

According to the Company’s CEO Robert Jahav "BIG CEE SERBIA“ employs over 300 workers  and with the opening of the new facility, it will employ more than 500 people.

- With the opening of the new facilities within the shopping mall, we employ people and bring big international brands to Novi Sad. Likewise, we constantly organize various activities and give our best not only for this shopping center to work well, but also to serve the citizens - Robert Jahav added.

Novi Sad, 4th June 2013