Mayor Milan Đurić  paid a visit to Veternik and observed the work being done on the roads in this suburban neighborhood. Radnička Street, which had been asphalted in the weeks prior, served as the starting point of the tour. The City budget provided over 12 million RSD for it.

- In Veternik, 26 streets totaling over 130 million RSD were paved this year. Road crews that put in a lot of work are still doing so. Additionally, this summer we finished building the Novi Sad - Begeč bicycle road, which is approximately 10 kilometers long and passes through the Veternik community. It runs from Sime Matavulja Street in Novi Sad to Dunavska Street in Futog. The two-kilometer-long sewage system in the catchment area of Nova Street 105 was also completed this year in Veternik. We still have a lot of work to do for this local community, but we are presently working on the design of 15 kilometers of sewage for Veternik, in which we are investing 11.4 million RSD. The Health Center building's design and construction will happen shortly after. We will also establish a pensioner's area so that our elderly fellow citizens can congregate there - said the Mayor.

Without the money provided by the Ministry of Construction for the restoration of state roads that cross the city, like Kneza Miloša Street and the recently repaired Streets of Venizelosova and Novosadskog puta, the City of Novi Sad has invested 16 billion RSD in road infrastructure over the past 11 years. From 2012 to 2023, the City budget allocated 2 billion and 800 million RSD to Veternik.

Novi Sad, 27th November 2023