Majority of members of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) Presidency was in favor for the early general elections two nights ago. What are the reasons for the early elections and does he belong to the majority which was in their favor, we asked Mr. Miloš Vučеvić, President of the Novi Sad SNS Board, and the Mayor of Novi Sad.

- I belong to the group of those who consider that above and before all come the citizens and their interests. If someone hampers the reforms, or if there is an atmosphere in which it is impossible to implement all those processes through which Serbia must go, then the elections are the only rational solution.

Do you think that SNS should still carry on its back parties which do not have a single percent of support, such as SPO, as well as some others?

- Serbian Progressive Party has always been fair towards other parties and its coalition partners. We have tried to create a front of parties as wide as possible, of parties willing to be part of the reform process, willing to support the transition processes which are not at all easy, but through which Serbia must go. 

What music do you listen? How do you relax?

- I prefer the music scene of former Yugoslavia, though I find that real relaxation, honestly speaking, is in nature, with my fishing crew. I am trying to bequeath this love to my sons as well. Serbia is full of phenomenal places for fishing, and it is one of our chances to attract tourists.

Are the Socialists, following the publishing of the Ivica Dаčić and Rоdоlјub Rаdulоvić video footage, still a desireable political partner for SNS?

- I believe that we should do wait for the prosecutor to finalize their part of work, to establish all the facts, and then, poised and steadily, reach a politically justified decision. Nevertheless, the type of work we do requires a great deal of moral responsibility.

And that should not be forgotten. What is the biggest mistake of the Pајtić rule in Vојvоdina?

- The mistake is that they are still in power, since for the last three years each time the provincial assembly is in session, they are “on the prowl” for a majority, making a political soap opera of the provincial assembly. The politics of Bојаn Pајtić is the biggest mistake. After almost 12 years in power, he left the citizens of Vojvodina with ruins of Development Bank, Capital Investment Fund, as well as of other institutions through which the money, instead of being directed to development of the Province, was diverted into someone’s pockets. He left millions of debts, numerous court processes… For instance, for the children with special requirements who were supposed to use the Heterland Chateau in Novi Bеčеj, the Bојаn Pајtić regime left nothing. Millions were paid for renovation of the chateau, and the work has not progressed at all for the last five years. The court will establish where the money has gone.

What are your political ambitions? Do you see yourself in, say, the new Government?

- I do not contemplate that. I have way too much work as the Mayor of Novi Sad. We are just finalizing negotiations with two potential investors who would, after more than a decade, bring several thousand new jobs in production.

Why are the affairs left behind the DS and their associates not fully investigated?

- You yourself are also aware that numerous processes and investigations are still going on. This matter should be addressed to the police and the judiciary. The people in Vojvodina have always been considered tolerant.

How do you comment then various incidents among parties, such as the hatred graffiti in Novi Sad?

- It is a precedent that the Democratic Party, as it turned out, wrote the graffiti against itself, that is against their own president Bојаn Pајtić. They have, however, proved to be spectacular hypocrites. They promptly launched an anti-SNS campaign, also accusing me personally, that I ordered these graffiti. All the citizens of Novi Sad know that I personally initiated the foundation of the so-called anti-graffiti unit, whose task is to remove the hate-graffiti, i.e. the graffiti whose contents and messages are unacceptable. I am still waiting for an apology from Mr. Vasin of the Democratic Party, who called on me directly in this matter.

Are you concerned that the atmosphere during the campaign might additionally worsen?
- I do not expect that, since we play it fair. The Progressivists are fine with a democratic atmosphere for the forthcoming campaign.

How do you comment the fact that SNS recently won local elections in Subotica in some communities with majority Hungarian populations?
- It is a clear message that the policy of the Prime Minister Aleksаndar Vučić and the Serbian Progressive Party is supported by all the citizens in Serbia. 

Source “АLО” – September 13th 2015