Mayor of the City of Novi Sad Mr. Мilоš Vučеvić and Member of the City Council in charge for Education Mr. Vladimir Јеlić visited today the “Ivo Аndrić” Primary School in Budisava, in which the City has invested considerable funds for reconstruction, so the students could be provided with most up-to-date teaching and education conditions.

- At the beginning of new school year, we have the opportunity to see for ourselves that the largest portion of 2015 plans has been successfully realized by the City Administration for Education. For 2014/15, the City of Novi Sad invested in Budisava primary school almost 18 million RSD – for replacement of the roof, replacement of joinery and carpentry, sanitation installations, as well as the floor on the school’s open sports playground. I sincerely hope that students will enjoy their sports activities, and that these investments will contribute better learning conditions. – said Mayor Vučеvić.

According to the Mayor, last years have seen a drop in the number of enrolled children in primary schools throughout the Novi Sad suburban settlements, and the pressure on schools within the city is ever larger, which makes it essential that we invest into better living conditions in these settlements, so we could put an end to such trends.

- One of the Administration’s priority is the children’s safety, which is why during this reconstruction we removed all the asbestos panels which presented considerable danger for the children’s health. At the same time, this was the last such intervention, since from now on there are no asbestos panels in our primary and secondary schools in Novi Sad. The next more substantial works will be in Ledinci, where we are constructing the school gym. This investment’s value is around 70 million RSD, and our aim is that students in urban areas and in suburban areas enjoy completely the same conditions at schools. – pointed out Mr. Јеlić.

As Mr. Јеlić pointed out, the City Budget allocated over 500 million RSD for education, which indicates that the City invests into education, since it recognizes it is the investment into future.

“Ivо Аndrić” Primary School Principal Mr. Gоrаn Srdić extended his gratitude to the City representatives for their visit and support, and said that the afore mentioned investment efforts have significantly ennobled their school and the working process. The school has approximately 300 students, and the teaching is both in Serbian and in Hungarian. 

In Nоvi Sаd, Sеptеmber 08th 2015