Mayor of the City of Novi Sad Mr. Miloš Vučеvić officially opened First Army Bean Soup Festival in Veternik, an event held today within the ‘Veternik’ Local Community in cooperation with the Serbain Army 1st Land Forces Brigade.
- It does not come as a surprise that the first Army Soup Festival is held in Vеtеrnik, especially if one bears in mind the history of this once tiny settlement, now larger than many municipalities in Vojvodina. Vеtеrnik got its name after one of the Kајmаkčаlаn Mountain numerous summits, a settlement of the Thessaloniki Front volunteers, who moved here following the decision of King Aleksandar. The residents of Veternik organized this gathering together with the Serbian Army, since they all found the bond through which they commemorate and revere the history of our nation and of this settlement. We gathered here celebrating what is well-recognizable for all those who ever served the Army, and that is the Army bean soup. It bears a special symbolism, since it is not considered only a dish, but rather our people’s strength to persevere throughout the times of hardship. I congratulate the organizer and all the participants, and my hope is that the people of Veternik and their guests will enjoy the good company and good bean soup – said Mayor Vučеvić.
The official program organized by the ‘Veternik’ Local Community starts at 11, with the cooking competition and military artefact exhibition, courtesy of the Serbain Army 1st Land Forces Brigade. In total, 35 bean-teams prepared the soup free of charge for visitors, and a folklore performance was also held. All funds collected from the participation fee at this humanitarian event will be transferred to one socially endangered family in Veternik.

In Nоvi Sаd, September 26th 2015