In today’s Morning Program of the Serbian Broadcasting Company, Mayor of the City of Novi Sad Mr. Мilоš Vučеvić discussed several significant issues of vital interest for the City. As he pointed out, although the increase in the number of children creates an increased pressure in kindergartens, this sole fact gives him a great deal of joy, since it proves that Novi Sad is growing.

- This year we opened two new kindergartens, and two kindergartens were expanded, which made it possible for us to enroll a record number of 16 000 children. Novi Sad is the first city in Serbia which started financing children’s education in private kindergartens. The City has contracts with 22 private kindergartens, and soon we will have two more. In this way we subsidize over 1700 children, and our goal is to eliminate the enrollment waiting lists. – pointed out Mayor Vučеvić.

During his interview given for the Serbian Broadcasting Company, the Mayor also mentioned subsidies for families with three or more children, as well as for other special categories of population. According to his statement, children from these families have advantage when enrolling in kindergartens, and this year 300 children from families fulfilling these requirements for free education were enrolled.

- It would be exceptional for Novi Sad, but also for Serbia, if we would win the 2021 European Culture Capital Title. Nevertheless, the mere fact that we are among the official contestants, represents an excellent promotion opportunity for our city and our country. Novi Sad, with its important cultural institutions such as Matica Srpska and Serbian National Theater, along with its prominent festivals such as EXIT, Nomus, the Zmaj Children Theatrical Festival and Street Performers, etc, has all the confidents it needs in order to work on one such initiative. – said Mayor Vučеvić and reminded that Novi Sad is also shortlisted for the 2018 European Youth Capital.

Speaking of the current problem with immigrants, the Mayor pointed out that citizens of Novi Sad help and collect aid for the refugees, but that there are no migrants in the city itself. Talking about the City Administration priorities, Mayor Vučеvić emphasized creation of new jobs, underlining that in this respect the City has full support from the Prime Minister of Serbia and his Cabinet.

In Nоvi Sаd, September 07th 2015