In Jugovićevo local community of Novi Sad, the City of Novi Sad completed the second phase of construction on traffic areas and related infrastructure in residential blocks E and F.

The previous phase of the works included the construction of the sewerage and water supply network, a large portion of the traffic areas, and part of the public lighting. When the construction of residential buildings was completed, conditions were created for the additional development of public areas within the second phase of the works, for which 52,443,495.72 RSD (including VAT) were set aside.

Along with 484 metres of pathways, a 35-meter access road was built during this phase. In addition, four new public lighting poles were installed, creating 71 parking places, and horticultural landscaping will begin in the near future.
The new infrastructure installed in this block will greatly improve the practical and functional life of the residents of Jugovićevo, an area of the community that has experienced recent rapid development.

The development of apartments for security force personnel is a national significance project that has achieved its highest magnitude in Novi Sad. There are now 2170 residential units under construction in the Jugovićevo neighbourhood. The Republic of Serbia provided funding for the building of the facilities, and the City of Novi Sad undertook responsibility for the infrastructure, essentially building what was needed to make the residential complex run.

Novi Sad, 1st December 2023