The City Administration for Construction Land and Investments informs the public that a public procurement for the construction of a parking lot for a "camping rest area" has been launched with the preparation of technical documentation in Novi Sad.

The camping rest area is a parking lot for camper vehicles with the necessary infrastructure and standard camping service, where visitors spend a minimum of time visiting destinations.

This unique spatial entity will consist of: parking, internal roads, assembly-disassembly facilities that provide hygienic and technical conditions for campers. The parking lot will be green, lit and fenced around the perimeter of the complex, and there will be a sufficient number of baskets for waste disposal on the planned footpaths. The parking lot will include a water and sewage network.

The parking lot for the camping rest area will be located in the area between the promenade of the Sunny Quay embankment and the "Creative District" area, since the city camping rest areas are located in the immediate vicinity of the city's tourist and cultural attractions (old parts of the city, fortresses, castles, swimming pools, city beaches, etc.)

The construction of a parking lot for campers will significantly contribute to the development of tourism in the City of Novi Sad.

The opening of bids is scheduled for December 13, 2023.

Novi Sad, 24th November 2023