Manager of the Local Economic Development Office of the City of Novi Sad prof. Marijana Dukić-Mijatović, PhD, participated in the 2nd Business Conference "Transport & Logistics of South East Europe and Danube Region – TIL 2015" which was held in the Sava Center in Belgrade, under the auspices of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Serbia.

Relying on results and initiatives launched at the previous business conference, the 2nd Business Conference "TIL 2015", a whole-day event, with participation of all relevant market stakeholders, created conditions for the continuation of the initiated dialogues, exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience, for the purpose of finding optimal business solutions for sustainable development of transport and logistical infrastructure, as key factors of economic progress in the South East Europe and the Danube Region.

- The importance of these conferences is in their capacity to gather businessmen and representatives of all levels of state government, who can in face-to-face conversations reach the best solutions for important economic development issues. The advantage of the City of Novi Sad as a logistical center is in the fact that it is a university, business, tourist and fair center of the region, plus, it is located at European corridors 7 and 10. Giving great importance to logistics, the Novi Sad planning documentation has reserved three business premises for that purpose. The Novi Sad Port is the existing road-rail-water intermodal terminal which has been operating as one of the most successful in Serbia – said prof. Marijana Dukić Mijatović, PhD.

During the conference, the Manager of the Local Economic Development Office of the City of Novi Sad and a representative of the Novi Sad Port met the representatives of the Adriatic Gate Container Terminal company and discussed the potential cooperation.

In accordance with the EU strategy, projects and initiatives for further development and improvement of intermodal systems, logistical centers, environmental protection and traffic safety were presented at the "TIL 2015 conference", while special focus was on the public private partnership models in transport and logistical infrastructure.
Moreover, there were discussions about the harmonization of legal procedures and customs regulations, as well as the activities of professional associations and local self-governments in the improvement of logistical and distribution centers and free zones.

Novi Sad, 26th March 2015