The Agreement on Novi Sad's donation of help to the Budget Fund for the treatment of persons suffering from rare diseases, not treatable in the Republic of Serbia was signed by Novi Sad's Mayor, Milan Đurić, and prof. Dr. Danica Grujičić, the Minister of health in the Serbian government.

- As in the previous seven years, the residents of Novi Sad pay money to the Fund to support international medical treatment for minors or to send in experts from other countries to treat Serbian citizens. We are pleased that our local self-government was the first to establish this practice and that it now provides health care to its inhabitants over the full territory of the Republic of Serbia. The City has contributed up to 145 million RSD to the Fund thus far, including the 30 million RSD paid this year. As I mentioned before, this is entirely the result of the City's prudent management and steady City Budget. The City of Novi Sad will keep supporting the Fund and helping those who are most in need, and I'm confident that we will set aside a sizable sum of money for this endeavor in the upcoming year as well - Milan Đurić stated.

Minister Grujičić expressed gratitude to the Mayor for the City of Novi Sad's ongoing support of the Fund and emphasized that the University Children's Clinic in Tiršova will send the children who require the most treatment abroad the following week. She additionally stated that an extra 3.9 billion RSD were set aside for treatment of rare illnesses internationally as part of the Republic's 2023 Budget balance.

Apart from the renovated facilities of the Institute for Student Health Care, health centers in Almaška Street, Vase Stajića Street, and at Liman 4, the Mayor reaffirmed that the City of Novi Sad consistently invests in the healthcare sector. In the past ten years, new health centers have opened in the communities of Futog, Adice, and Vidovdansko, and a new building for the Emergency Department and the hospital at Mišeluk has also been constructed.

Novi Sad, 13th December 2023