Member of the City Council in charge for Education Mr. Vladimir Jelić, MSc, and Vice Head of the Provincial Government Provincial Secretary in charge for Education, Regulations, Administration and Ethnic Minorities Mr. Mihalj Njilaš, signed today the Protocol on the City of Novi Sad Accession to the Provincial Government Project “Introduction of the Serbian and English Language Bilingual Education in Teaching Institutions on the Territory of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina”.

- Novi Sad will provide all the necessary conditions to realize the Protocol, which will enable the bilingual preparation program for the preschool children to return to “Radosno Detinsjtvo” Kindergartens. Apart from that, it can serve as the legal framework according to which other schools, not only Jovan Jovanović Grammar School and Petefi Šandor Primary School, can join the bilingual teaching project. I can already announce that first one to join will be Đorđe Natošević Primary School, since they waited for this document to be signed. Signing of the Protocol is the introduction to cooperation between the Provincial and City education departments. A large project awaiting us, the one that will serve as a true indicator whether the two administrations can cooperate on projects of interest for our citizens, is the finalization of the Radosno Detinjstvo Preschool Institution’s Central Kitchen, which is due to open its doors this year. This facility will be able to prepare some 13-15 thousand meals per day, which is sufficient not only for all our kindergartens, but for student canteens and third parties as well. – said Mr. Jelić.

The City of Novi Sad invested 31 million RSD in the Jovan Jovanović Grammar School. The roof has been reconstructed, the façade has been renewed, electrical installations have been replaced, most of the school’s furniture has been fixed, and for the two years the school’s large dome is being repaired, for the purpose of which the amount of 25 million RSD has been allocated.

In Novi Sad, March 27th 2015