Following reports of some media and of certain opposition parties, claiming that money belonging to the citizens of Novi Sad is used for financing advertising services of the SNS party activities for the purpose of securing one more mandate, City of Novi Sad responsibly states that such claims are malicious comments of those who are not in power and whose aim is to obtain cheap political points through misuse of the name of the currently most popular party organization in the country, as well as through misuse of the name of one of the most successful local self-governments in Serbia.

The public procurement procedure in question, the one for procurement of public informing services by means of information tableaux, is conducted with the purpose of informing the broader community about significant social activities and actions by the City of Novi Sad, and which are of importance for the City and its citizens.

It is, therefore, in no way an advertising service, but an exclusively informative service regarding relevant activities that can better influence and improve awareness of our citizens. Information tableaux content, defined by the purchaser, and in this case it is the City of Novi Sad which, bearing in mind that its citizens be duly informed about important city topics and ongoings, has opted for precisely this form of informing since it presents considerably lower costs, and also a more broad outreach to the widest possible audience – since these tableaux are placed at highly frequented locations.

Apart from cultural events and humanitarian actions, the City uses this way of informing also to attract investors, since in this way it is possible to clearly point out available locations, owned by the City, suitable and ready for investors.

City of Novi Sad will always be in the service for its citizens and their welfare, since responsible and conscientious management of the City Budget is an essential imperative for this city administration, and Mayor’s successes are evident in all spheres of functioning of life in the city, which is the reason why his results do not even need to be advertised on hoardings for that matter.

In Novi Sad, August 25th 2015