Due to the state of disrepair of asphalt in the streets of Novi Sad, particularly following the winter season, numerous potholes appear that create problems to our drivers, as well as to other participants in traffic. PUE “Put” teams regularly repair these defects, although due to numerous other duties this company is   responsible for, sometimes these potholes cannot be detected in time, they can rapidly expand in size, and the problems they cause can escalate.

In order to speed up the process of pothole elimination, PUE “Put” has met the citizen’s needs by enabling them to freely utilize a most advanced option at the company’s webpage.

At the webpage, a new fill-in form has been published, which enables the citizens to report the road damage, and therefore we appeal to all our citizens to fill in the form in case they consider certain problems and road damage should be particularly addressed to.

In this way, our residents can directly and immediately point out the existing problems in their streets and neighborhoods, and expect the results in form of repairs for the issues they pointed out.

Novi Sad, April 20th 2015