On the occasion of the City of Novi Sad Patron Saint Day – Đurđic – Banquet Room of the Novi Sad City Hall hosted the cutting of the Patron Saint Day cake. This festive occasion was also attended by the Mayor of the City of Novi Sad Mr. Miloš Vučević. Prior to the City Hall celebration, the Mayor attended the Holy Archpriest Service held at the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral.
- It is my great pleasure to see such large number of our citizens in the Cathedral, as well as such large number of guests from all spheres of social and religious life at our City Hall. From year to year, we are witnessing the increasing number of citizens who attend the City Patron Saint Day, and I dare say this year we have the largest number so far, who came from all City institutions. Apart from the Orthodox Bishops of Bačka and of Syrmia, the Bishop of the Slovakian Evangelical Church, the Novi Sad Mufti, President of the Novi Sad Jewish Municipality, as well as many others, we are hosting today our guests from Kosovo and Metohija – from the Prizren Seminary. Saint George is the patron and protector of all the people of Novi Sad, regardless of their confession. This is an all-Novi Sad festivity and no one has monopoly over it. Just as each family has its patron saint, our city – our great family and our home – also has its patron: Saint George. We pray and strive with our hard work that Novi Sad becomes a joyful and united family of progress, that our house grows and develops, and this, above all, depends on us, the citizens – said Mayor Vučević.
Godfather of the City’s Patron Saint Day Professor Aleksandar Milovančev, MD, PhD, said that he is particularly proud and honored for the opportunity to bear this esteemed title this year.
- By gathering here in such large numbers, we have shown unity, harmony and love. Today, we are witnessing times of hardships throughout the world, and Novi Sad shows that at one place we can have love, unity and tolerance spreading even beyond our city – said Mr. Milovančev.
The program dedicated to the Saint Patron Day will be held today at 7 PM, at the M Studio, 3, Ignjata Pavlasa St, and will be dedicated to the memory of the Bishop of Bačka Irinej Ćirić, since this year marks the 60th anniversary of his death.

In Novi Sad, November 16th 2015