Mayor of the City of Novi Sad Mr. Milоš Vučеvić received today at the City Hall the Ambassador of Montenegro to the Republic of Serbia Mr. Brаnislаv Мićunоvić and the General Consul  of Montenegro to the Republic of Serbia Mr. Мiоdrаg Kаnkаrаš.
Mayor Vučеvić wished the guests a warm welcome, stating that the City of Novi Sad cherishes a thriving cooperation with the City of Budva, with whom it is also a twin-city, as well as with the City of Tivat, with whom it has established friendly relations. He also pointed out that generally good cooperation between Novi Sad and the cities from Montenegro has resulted in one part of the EXIT Music Festival taking place at the Montenegro Seaside.
Ambassador Мićunоvić extended his gratitude to the Mayor for the friendly reception and expressed his pleasure for being in Novi Sad for the first time in official capacity. He also noted that relations between Serbia and Montenegro are in the ascend, which is reflected upon the cooperation between municipalities as well.
Mayor Vučеvić said he is very proud of the fact that Novi Sad is shortlisted for the 2018 European Youth Capital, as well as of the fact it is a rather promising candidate for the 2021 European Culture Capital. The guests and the Mayor discussed the affairs in the area of culture, while the dominant topic was the one about theater and numerous festivals, for which Novi Sad is well-known.
Both parties also emphasized that cooperation between the two countries is most intensive in the area of culture, sport and education, but also that there are great development opportunities in the field of economy. Ambassador Мićunоvić added that Montenegro is the partner-country of this year’s ‘Lorist’, and that it will be a true opportunity for Montenegro and Serbia business representatives. 

In Novi Sad, September 24th 2015