First official “Gitarijada” in Vojvodina was held in 1975 in Kisač, where young and still unknown bands were given a chance to perform in front of large audience. After 40 years, this event will be organized again, on September 11th and 12th, at the “Tatre” Football Club Stadium, was announced today at the press conference held in the Cultural-Information Center in Kisač.
Member of the Novi Sad City Council in charge for Culture Mr. Vanja Vučеnоvić pointed out that “Gitаriјаdа Vојvоdinе” is only one of numerous projects ensuing from the excellent cooperation between the City officials and of the Kisač Local Community.
- We accepted this initiative with great pleasure and enthusiasm to reestablish this event in Kisаč. One of the priorities of the City Administration for Culture is certainly decentralization, and it is our intention to revitalize some of the cultural contents in this community in the forthcoming period, but also to initiate new cultural contents at one point in time, so we can contribute to this effort. – stated Mr. Vučеnоvić, and added – I wish to thank the organizers, but also to all those who contribute to success of this event. Also, I would like to invite our citizens to come to Kisač and enjoy the program. I believe that it is very important that we all support young bands and give them a chance to exhibit their work in the best possible way.
President of the Kisač Local Community Council Mr. Мilо Hrćаn extended his gratitude to Mr. Vučеnоvić for the support from the City, as well as a great deal of pleasure that Kisаč will again become the host of the “Vојvоđаnska Gitаriјаda”.
- Kisаč is a place where rock music is appreciated and cherished, which is why I am very glad that we are becoming the center which is gathering and connecting both the well-known and the unknown bands. – said Mr. Hrćаn.
The event organizers Ms. Мilаnа Аrnjаš and Јаn Pаlik invited all interested rock bands to apply for the competition opened till September 09th, the only condition being they already have two of their own songs, and no album. Due to the excellent cooperation with the Vojvodina Broadcasting Company, the first prize will be recording of the winning song at the M Studio.
First day of the Festival starts with band contest selected during the competition. Following the contest part and announcement of the winner, the “Bitаngе“ and the „Love Hunters“ will perform. On the second day of the Festival, on September 12th, the visitors will have the opportunity to see the rock band photo exhibition, prepared by Zoran Veselinović, sound engineer at the world-famous “Abby Road” Studio, in London, who was born in Kisаč. Along with photos, there will also be an exhibition of rarity records and magazines. The official program starts at 7 PM, with the 1970s rock bands, followed by the winner of the “Gitаriјаda Vојvоdinе – Kisаč”, as well as of the Novi Sad band “IN3PМ”. For the closing performance of the Festival, the organizers announced the legendary band “Riblја Čоrbа”.
In Novi Sad, September 09th 2015